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Sunday, September 30, 2012

If Your Wondering Why No Romney Signs ....Maybe This Explains It

Keep it up, guys! The Romney campaign gets more cash when people have to replace their stolen and vandalized stickers and signs.

Other lefty Twitter users haven’t admitted to ripping up signs, defacing stickers and keying cars … yet. As of now, they’re just aspiring vandals. Because that’s persuasive.


  1. It's gotten to the point where I'm close to despising liberals for the crap they pull. Just like the idiot Egyptian woman who spray painted over the pro Israeli ad in the NY subway the other day. I guess she's too stupid to realize she might have been stoned to death had she pulled the same stunt in her "muslime" homeland.

    For years I used to laugh when someone used to term "liberalism is a mental disease". I'm not laughing anymore.

  2. Yea I know, you try and explain to folks the end result of democrat/progressive/liberal policies and they just can't accept the evidence ....I always point out that there are examples we can observe then point out places like .... Detroit.... Flint .... Gary .... Washington D.C. ..... Scranton .... Chicago .....Newark ..... Camden ....New Orleans .... Bell ..... Harrisburg ...... Cal .....St Louis ...... East St Louis ..... all democrat all the time .... Detroit has not had a Republican Mayor since 1962 ..... its population in 1962 was about 1.9 million is less than 700,000 and they are seriously considering bulldozing 1/3 of the city

  3. I had an OBAMA sign stolen from my lawn yesterday. SHAME on that person who doesn't respect a person's right to speach
    And SHAME, SHAME on those above who perpetrated or promoted the same thing against his opponent.

    This is the United States of America for whom I gave 3 years of my life and now am a disabled veteran. Do you think President Obama would defile the rights of others as you have done????


  4. I had 2 Romney signs stolen out of my yard. In my neighborhood at least 50-75 Romney signs have been stolen in what looks like and organized effort.
    I have a little surprise for the next sign thief... I only hope I can get it on video!
    No matter who wins, this is just dirty dirty and dirty! These Obama supporters who key cars with Romney bumper stickers and then brag about it, are the lowest form of humanity...