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Friday, September 28, 2012

MSNBC'S Embroidered Obama Kneepads Showing Some Wear

Liberals insist there is no media bias and that Republicans are paranoid for believing there is. For me that pretty much confirms liberals are idiots and should probably not be trusted with anything sharp and under no circumstances be allowed to cross the street by themselves. I personally don't see a downside to hordes of liberals getting smooched or impaled or if God was smiling some gruesome combination of both but its not a perfect world and I guess God has better things to do than grant my fantasies no matter how noble the intent. Anyway it seems that society at large has decided that the average liberal does serve some sort of purpose so we feed them, clothe them and give them Honey Boo Boo and MSNBC for their circus. Anyway some will enjoy this vid

H/T Legal Insurrection

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  1. Aggie, Brother in Christ. I am now allowed to reveal the truth. Obama will win the election. Do not dispare! God will not let this fake conservative Romney serve in his name. Morman's do not truely represent God! A reelection of Obama is an evil outcome. But it is an outcome that God allows. We are living in the end times. God will use the evil Obama reign for his own ends.

    The Democrats are going to bring down God's judgment upon this nation and the world! But their disgusting rule will not live forever! But God does wish for me to warn you, it is good to warn about the evil of our faux president, but do not wish for Romney to be elected! Read the book of Revelation my brother, and you will see that this is God's will! Remember, the democratic platform is born out of evil, but the Lord will use an evil man for his own will!

    Again do not dispare! We are going into the tribulation but the Lord will protect the faithful! Don't view Romney's defeat as a tradgedy, view it as God's last warning to the Republican party, don't value party, value Conservatisim! The Lord wants to use your platform in the next few years! Please tell our fellow brothers to hold to true Conservatisim! Let that fucking Muslim in the White House bring his own downfall about! And let that Asshole Morman believe in the protective power of his magic underware. A real conservative will rule in the next four years from now, in the glory of Christ, Amen!