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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Why Is It That In This War On Women The Democrats Are The Only One's With A Body Count

I couldn't help but laugh last night as I watched the democrats trot out the moldering corpse of ted ( the swimmer ) kennedy to help them with their war on women meme. Tonight lending assistance will be serial rapist,  adulterer,  perjurer , disbarred lawyer and cigar aficionado billy jeff clinton. Hypocrisy thy name is democrat.

UPDATE.... ya'll might want to click the TRAITOR link embedded in the story below to truly understand the depths democrats will go to win an election

Democrats Open DNC By Honoring a Murderer

Posted by Gateway Guest Blogger on Tuesday, September 4, 2012, 6:55 PM

By: Rachel Pulaski
Tonight the left paid tribute to Progressive Sen. Ted Kennedy at the DNC convention.
“Prince” Ted Kennedy was a murderer and a traitor to his country, it should come as no suprise that President Obama and the DNC refer to him as the “The greatest United States Senator of all time.”

On July 18, 1969 Ted Kennedy killed Mary Jo Kopechne after a party he hosted in Chappaquiddick Island, Massachusetts.  Her body was found early in the morning on July 19, 1969, Ted Kennedy did not report the incident until 9 hours after it occurred. Mary Jo was reportedly alive for an hour before she drowned to death.
Ted Kennedy’s closest friend, former editor of New York Times Magazine and Newsweek Ed Klein, told Diane Rehm on her show that Ted Kennedy’s “favorite topics of humor was indeed Chappaquiddick itself.”
Ted Kennedy will also be remembered for his treasonous work with the Soviets in an attempt to overthrow Ronald Reagan during the Cold War.
While the left takes time to remember this murderer and traitor, please take the time to remember Mary Jo and her family.  RIP in Mary Jo.

H/T Gateway Pundit

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