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Tuesday, September 18, 2012


State Dept Reverses Denial of Hiring British Security Firm in Benghazi


Selective Edit? Mother Jones Admits Romney Tape Missing 'One to Two Minutes'


Jay Carney: On second thought, I guess it’s possible that that Benghazi attack was preplanned

Bounce over: Obama’s lead in Gallup tracker down to one — among registered voters

1998 audio: I believe in redistribution, says Obama

Mitt Was Right! Palestinians Don’t Want Peace… And They Want Out of Oslo Peace Accords

State Dept. Issued Libya Travel Warning Two Weeks Before Attack

Libyan President: Attack Premeditated, Al-Qaeda Involved, US Warned Beforehand

NBC News: Obama Admin Lying About Security At Libyan Consulate

Libya: Obama Admin Sent UnarmedBritishFirm to Protect U.S. Consulate

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