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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Romney / Ryan ... Obama / Biden ..... Your Vote Is An I.Q. Test

Its pretty simple ....if you believe that obama can do in his next four years what he failed to do in his first four years then vote for obama.That being said, I didn't watch much of the democrat convention ....I didn't need to I could have written the script for it last year or the year before or even 10 years ago. The theme doesn't change much they may move them around in the line up but the script stays the same. The democrats are nothing if not consistent, its almost like they have a series of boxes they are required to check each and every election cycle. So lets look at the topic's at this years democrat convention.

P.S. I did take note of the fact that they booed God ....didn't see it in real time but the look on the good Mayor's face was priceless and I almost felt sorry for the little feller

1- The Republicans are going to rob the elderly by taking away their SS and medicare and all of them will wind up eating dog food

2- The Republicans are going to leave all women dead on hospital floors because they can't get abortions, this year it was a little off script as it was free abortions and the the pill but the basic premise hadn't changed

3 - Republican are going to starve all the children that the democrats failed to abort

4 - The Republicans are going to put everyone into indentured servitude to the company store

5- This one is a perennial favorite of mine simply because while they are telling us about some supposed racism on the part of Republicans all across the nation minorities are living and dying in largely democrat controlled and run cities that have become killing fields and islands of despair and hopelessness that rival or surpass the cotton plantations they ran in the South but generally the meme is that Republicans are racists and want to put you back on the plantation. This year has been little different but there was at least 1 new wrinkle that kinda peaked my interest for a bit ....this year before we put you back on the plantation we want to take away your right to vote

This year the democrats have checked all the required boxes and we can now get on with the business at hand ..... So when you go to vote remember its also an I.Q. test

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