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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bet Even Liberals Get This .....Maybe

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  1. What a wonderful "teachable moment". Hopefully these children will learn the true meaning of value and all things earned as opposed to the socialism Omama and the progressives are trying to force down America's throat.

    Last year one of the conservative websites (I believe it was American Thinker) applied the same analogy in an article on college students and their grades. They hypothesized taking the GPA of harder working students and averaging them with the lazier slackers who had lower GPA's. Well understandingly the results were predictable. The hardest working students were incensed at having their GPA averages lowered in the interest of "fairness" just so some students who weren't willing to put in the time and effort could reap the benefits of someone else's work.

    I wonder if the students made the connection that this is EXACTLY what Omama wants to do with his "fairness" crap with Americans who work hard to make a decent living and deserve to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

    Maybe this is the best way to show ALL working Americans what socialism actually is - through a practical and realistic demonstration of what liberals will do to them given a chance. Then they might, just might, get the message.

    One can always hope anyway....