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Friday, October 12, 2012

Did Biden Really Win ?

Well the debate is over and now we get to figure out who won and if it will have any affect on the polls. I watched and thought that biden was mostly rude and looked like an ass, according to reports interrupting Ryan 82 times and more than a bit light on the facts. The RNC was out with this add within about 45 minutes after the end of the debate and I thought biden overwhelmed Ryan a bit but mostly by shouting him down and interrupting him. So I guess biden won on rudeness and idiocy points in what may turn out to be a pyrrhic victory

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  1. As I watched I kept trying to figure out what was so damn funny about an economy that's bankrupt, Nuclear war, and a Middle East policy that's a mirror image of Europe and the appeasement of Hitler. That kind of thinking got the world into WWII. Substitute Islam for Nazism and things are eerily similar.

    Our only interest in the Middle East should be Israel and oil and as Ryan stressed "our own national interests". Once we're energy independent (it is possible) the Arab cartels can kiss our rears.

    Biden said one thing and only one thing I agreed with. We need to get out of Afghanistan. If they won't defend themselves then perhaps they deserve the consequences. We should have learned from the Soviets being there is a waste of resources and lives.

    As I watched the debate I kept waiting for a monumental Biden Gaffe. At the end I realized his entire performance was the gaffe. He looked bizarre and ridiculous. And it was a Pyrrhic victory. He may have won the debate by preaching to the democrat choir but he lost the war for Omama.