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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dec 7'th

I think we witnessed the political equivalent of the Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor. For years we have been told that Mitt Romney was a cold dispassionate robot. A passionless technocrat with a piggy bank for a heart and the soul of the non reformed Scrooge. Well it looks like the obama camp believed the myth and in fairness I believed it as well and I'd wager most of the American public felt the same. Well last night, if it did nothing else drove a stake threw that hobgoblins heart. The Mitt Romney I watched last night was a seething cauldron of passion, he cares and even worse ( for democrats ) that came across last night and you understood what he said. I'm sure the democrats expected the cold technocrat to show up and trained for that fight what they got instead was a man eager to go to close quarters and engage in some blood letting. Last night the obama camp expected a pillow fight what they got was a knife fight on a sand bar in Louisiana,  I like this Mitt

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