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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Republicans And Liberal Sex

Ah Lass ...I can't speak for all Republicans but in one case you are right ....democrats can't control themselves ..... its all about whats between their legs. Yes we Republicans cringe when ever we see amorous liberals  We know what that means ....a good chance that in 9 months, if the baby is allowed to live we the tax payers will be supporting another hungry mouth or if as liberals are just as likely to use abortion as birth control and the baby is flushed we often wind up paying for that as well. Then there are the 30 year old law students who insist that society should be paying for their good time. You see its not so much that we are against sex ....we are against you ( democrats ) having sex. Your good time cost us to much money. Tell you what when ya'll stop using that thing between your legs as a ATM machine we'll lighten up a little.

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