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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Liberal Nervous Breakdowns Have Began .... And Its Fun To Watch

Its like you have a front row seat ....with popcorn at a slow motion train wreak. You know nothing good is going to come of it and you feel ashamed for wanting to watch the destruction but you just can't look away. I suspect the liberals sense what could very well be happening with obama, that being he could very well lose this election and its cooking off the few functioning brain cells God gives to liberals. And just for the record

O’Donnell grew up having to fight in his neighborhood? Okay. Here’s part of his Wikipedia bio:
O’Donnell was born in Boston on November 7, 1951; the son of Frances Marie (née Buckley), an office manager, and Lawrence Francis O’Donnell, Sr., an attorney. He attended St. Sebastian’s School ’70, where he was captain of his baseball team, and graduated from Harvard College in 1976. While at Harvard, he wrote for the Harvard Lampoon and was popular among its members due to his wit and sarcasm. [footnotes omitted]
St. Sebatsian’s private school and Harvard College? Son of a famous and successful trial lawyer?
Those must have toughened young Lawrence up to fight for his life on the mean streets of Boston:

“In our family, my mother was the sophisticate,’’ said her son Lawrence O’Donnell Jr. of Santa Monica, Calif., who hosts “The Last Word’’ on MSNBC. “She was the one who always went to the Boston Ballet and took us to the theater. She liked the opera and all sorts of things I could never bring myself around to liking.’’

H.T Legal Insurrection

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  1. I'm sure he's a tiger. If you don't believe it ask him. As far as the "mean streets" of Boston I'll stack my upbringing against him any day. I lived it growing up in a racially mixed neighborhood (mostly black and hispanic) of Long Beach, CA in the sixties AND in a single-parent home. I AM NOT IMPRESSED!

    He's a bad liberal cliche (excuse the redundancy Aggie) and joke. And as the wheels come off in the greatest scam in American politics since.... since... since... I can't think of a greater scam come that does come to mind. The dems are coming apart - Just listen to Omama's speeches and see if you don't recognize the fear and loathing. The sixth can't come soon enough to end this nightmare of lies and liars.