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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Could Russell Kanjorski Finally Be Going To Prison... UPDATE

Yep that russell also know him as paul kanjorski's nephew. Some of you may know him as the guy who clipped the tax payers for a cool 9 million that his congressman uncle paulie got for the family's enterprise known as Cornerstone ....all of which went POOF.  Some of you may not know that the ever enterprising young russell wound up out in the great state of Colorado as V.P. of marketing of Abound Solar. Abound Solar was the recipient of president obama's green energy money laundering program and was given a loan guarantee of about 500 million and drew about 45 million of that if memory serves me. Some of you may be aware that as with most of obama's unicorn fart joy joy happy happy idiocy it to crapped out. Well now there is this little jewel

Weld County details investigation of Abound Solar

Abound Solar, the defunct solar-panel manufacturer, is under criminal investigation for possible securities fraud, consumer fraud and financial misrepresentation, the Weld County district attorney's office said Thursday.
Loveland-based Abound closed its Colorado plant in July and filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidation in a move that left 125 workers without jobs and taxpayers holding the bag for up to $60 million in defaulted loans.

Read more: Weld County details investigation of Abound Solar - The Denver Post
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Nothing to do with politics? Leaked DOE emails suggest otherwise

Colorado’s own reported today that President Obama’s statement to KUSA reporter Kyle Clark just yesterday regarding the Abound Solar scandal may not have been entirely accurate. “These are decisisons that are made, by the way, by the Department of Energy,” said President Obama, “they have nothing to do with politics.”
Yet CompleteColorado’s Todd Shepherd obtained emails from inside the Departemnt of Energy (DOE) that seem to indicate the DOE was beholden, or at least responsive to, the White House when deciding how to dole out loans to “green energy” companies.
In the leaked email DOE loan executive Jonathan Silver says to DOE credit advisor Jim McCrea, “You better let him know the WH [White House] wants to move Abound forward.” If the White House was, in fact, putting pressure on loan decision-makers within the Department of Energy the President’s characterization of loan distribution is entirely inaccurate.

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