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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Obama Phones

Well the left has been whipped into a lather over Romney's comment that he is going to axe the bird. Well folks to feed that stupid bird cost the tax payers close to 500 million a year ...5 BILLION over 10 years and these days we are borrowing all of it from China or elsewhere. WE are writing checks to fund a imaginary bird's T.V. career  and that bird has earned more than Romney over the years so put him in the pot or kick his big yellow ass off welfare and let him join the rest of the 1 % . Now on to the title of the story .... obama phones.

This is what happens with liberal programs, they never cost what they say they will and they have a whole host of unintended consequences that generally create problems which are worse than those problems they hoped to solve. So now with this program we are paying our local dope dealers cell phone bill. Does anyone feel good about that ? If not you can ease your discomfort knowing that the liberals mean well ....with your money, lots of your money. Noble intent does not come cheap. If this woman does indeed have 30 active cell phones that we are paying for I figure that is at least 1000.00 a month ....FOR JUST THIS WOMAN  and that does not include all the other bennies she is getting, remember in order to get these phones its my understanding you have to be getting other government aid. Pay close attention to the cost of this program and then expand that cost to 50 states ....yep time to kill the bird. I wonder how many of these people have ever taken a call from a prospective employer on one of these obama phones. And yes they are obama phones ...why you ask ....well listen to the vid and tell me what the cost was before obama and then after obama, like every other welfare program obama ever met .... it grew.

P.S. ... and we know this is an important election year topic. I mean the do we know this ....why obama is telling us that. He's running or has run T.V. spots telling us just that. Some people still take this yutz serious ....mind boggling.


  1. Aggie, it's getting harder and harder for me to watch videos of blacks gaming the American system and not post racist comments on my website or blog. Especially after having been a flaming liberal until my early forties.

    I watch video after video of black men with twenty or thirty kids who pay no child support. I see clip after clip of generations of black women who REFUSE to wean themselves off welfare and get jobs. I see crap like the phone stories and it's all I can do to control my basic human feelings.

    After a lifetime of possibly fooling myself into thinking ALL people are basically decent and good the ugly in my is bubbling up to the surface.

    I've been a blue-collar worker my entire life and worked with many good black folks. All have been decent people. But I don't know how many more of these kinds of videos I can watch without changing my opinion of an entire race. I know it's wrong but...

    1. * SHRUG * ...I was much the same ...then as I grew older managed a BS/Soc from Texas A & M and began to actually look at the numbers for a whole host of things concerning not just AA but all our minorities I got pretty pissed as well then I realised something ....its not them ...its the democrat party some poking around up education stats from the 40 - 50's ...same with anything else ....crime ....drugs ....unwed mothers and watch what happened as soon as they became wards of the democrat party

  2. I think what you're saying is; the results of LBJ and the democrat Great Society are staring us in the face - and the results SUCK! Just a guess. Every statistic and study (several by Thomas Sowell) I have read say blacks in America were gaining with each successive generation in the merge into middle-class... until the dems and Johnson started screwing around and engaging in social engineering in the sixties. And it was all in the name of votes.

    It doesn't take a political science professor to come to that conclusion. Now we have to deal with the consequences and it is gonna be nearly impossible to undo the damages.

    1. yep and now they are helping Hispanics ....with the expected results