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Friday, October 19, 2012

Bushwhacked ?

I'm not sure what is going on with the polls over the last couple of days but it does make me wonder. Obama had a decent showing in the last debate ....he had a pulse .... his mouth was moving and there were sounds coming out but that showing does not seem to have helped him. In fact my observation is it may have actually hurt him for some odd reason. The only thing I can conclude is that what a good many people were saying for some time that there was no way obama could win with things as bad as they are was indeed true and that early election polling is ..... crap. Why, you muse, well over the last few days according to Gallup Romney has opened a 7 point lead and is now above 50 % ( 52 % ) and that is one helluva swing. Granted according to the numbers I have seen close to 140 million people watched the 2 Presidential debates and I suspect that some may have taken note that Romney was not dressed in the skins of the elderly that Ryan pushed off the cliff nor did he have the scalps of the women bested in our war on women hanging from his belt. I just find it difficult to accept that the democrats were able to convince that many people for a time that Romney was the monster under the bed. Hell if you believed the democrats it was only threw the intervention of a kind and benevolent God and a fickle justice system that both Romney and Ryan had escaped lengthy prison sentences over the years. I guess what I am wondering is did that many people believe the democrat PR concerning Romney and Ryan and in watching the debates they realized it was rot or have their minds been made up for some time and they just now decided to go on record and in doing so in essence bushwhacked the obama campaign. I'm not complaining just curious.

P.S. I saw this and thought some of you might like it and some of you might not ..... both results please me for the obvious reasons


  1. Good Lord - when Bob Beckel says it's over....

    I was watching The Five yesterday when he made that statement. As far as I can tell Bob Beckel wouldn't say s**t if he had a mouthful so things are looking mighty grim for Omama.