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Thursday, July 12, 2012

FBI ...Zimmerman Not A Racist

Well the FBI says George Zimmerman may be a busybody but he is NOT  a racist and they have found no evidence that he is. Another liberal meme shot in the ass it seems.

George Zimmerman a 'busybody' but not racist, FBI report concludes

Report polled acquaintances of neighbourhood watchman, who had a generally favourable view of the accused murderer

George Zimmerman, the killer of black Florida teenager Trayvon Martin, was a neighbourhood busybody who once called police to complain about children playing in the street, but there was nothing to suggest that he was a racist, according to the FBI.
Federal agents interviewed many of the neighbourhood watch leader's friends, colleagues and family members as part of their civil rights investigation into the 26 February shooting but found nobody who believed Zimmerman, 28, was motivated by racial bias.
Instead, they found that most of the interviewees had a generally favourable opinion of him, with even the lead detective in the case convinced that he pursued Martin through a Sanford gated community because his suspicions were aroused by the teenager's clothes, not because he was black.

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