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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

If Only Romney Would Release His Tax Returns....Every One Would Get A Pony For Their Birthday

 According to the liberals Romney only releasing 2 years of his tax returns are the predominant concerns of the democrat party and the American people in this election cycle. Implied but not stated is that if only Romney would release his tax returns, we the American people would see a immediate return to prosperity and the curing of a whole host of societal and cultural ills. Personally I don't see it but I can no more think like a liberal than I can maintain unaided sustained flight. I am willing to entertain the argument that maybe they are right so I am asking the few readers I have to help me out in the comments. Start your comment with If only Romney would release his tax returns ....example ....If only Romney would release his tax returns ....300 Mexicans would return to life.


  1. If only Romney would release his tax returns, pigs would fly

  2. ...there would a bucket of chicken wings on every table, the Cubs would win the World Series, and John Lennon would come back from the dead to sing, arm in arm, "Imagine" with President Obama. I'm tearing up just thinking about it. No. Wait. That's the cayenne pepper in the wings I'm eating...

  3. Pope George Ringo IJuly 27, 2012 at 5:57 AM

    How can you release tax returns when you didn't pay taxes to begin with????
    Like Reagan's ol' Atty. Gen. Ed Meese used to say "If you're apparantly keeping your mouth shut bout sometin then you must be guilty of it."
    I like Mitt, personally. I just wish he could help me out and fill me in on how to avoid paying my taxes!!
    GO ROMENY!!!

    1. So I take it you saw Romney's tax returns and know he didn't pay taxes ....using your analogy then I guess obama never attended any of the universities he claims to have attended ....right and if not releasing documents means your hiding something what is obama hiding by not releasing the documents from F and F