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Saturday, July 28, 2012

They Tell Me There Is No Difference Between Republicans Or Democrats..... Really .....No Difference ?

It Sings

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  1. WRF,

    I love the blog! You are doing a great job getting the message out this election. Please keep your posts going until the election. We need to win this round of elections or this country is going to die!

    This country has dealt with what we though was the greatest threats at the time. We killed facisim with killing Hitler, and we fought Comunisim since our good old alie Uncle Joe Stalin!

    These two dictaters were not the greatest threat that this country had however. Our greatest enemies were FDR and LBJ. That punk ass JFK didn't get the chance to do the damage he wanted to because of a well placed bolt of divine intervention!

    This country is on a tipping point however! How did a Kenyan born socialist ever become the president. And yes, I use president with small letters! I know Romney is not our dream candidate, but Osloba is the enemy we must get rid of!

    Now I know everbody who reads this knows how the Ryan plan was slandard. We have to give our elected officials backing! We must remove our grandparents and great grandparents from Medicare. Many people may not realize that you can disenroll from Medicare part B, but they are still receiving Medicare part A and as a result Social Security.

    If you have a grandparent or great grandparent stuck on Medicare part A, and Social Security, you can become what is called a "representative payee". Then you will have control of their benefits. Then you can disenroll them from Medicare part A. Then as a result their Social Security will stop!

    We have the power to undue the damage by fdr and l blow me j. We have the power to undue decades of damage to this country. This is just the first step however. We must also call into Rush's and Beck's shows. We must tell them as an audience that we want our congressmen to start impeachment proceedings right away.

    Rush and Beck are the two greatest tools that we have on our side to take back this country. Let's call both programs and make both of them pledge that we will get them to harang any RINO or any true Republican to vote for impeachment. Our country depends on our action!