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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Proof Positive...1 - There Is A God ....2 - He Has A Sense Of Humor

I know one is not supposed to take pleasure in someone troubles but in this case I just can't help myself. Rumor has it jessie jackson jr. has gone off the rails and is a resident in one of our finer treatment facilities.  The nature and extent of his maladies remain a mystery but rumor has it drugs and some level of insanity.  I briefly attempted to work myself up to some modest level of sympathy ....for about 5 seconds then I started thinking about all the nasty he and his esteemed father have engaged in over the years and gave up on it as a lost cause. He is and was born and bred to be a rotten duplicitous lying zipper weasel and in general a tick on our societies ass ...much like his father has been for the better part of the last 5 decades. I remember watching that little march he made with the congressional black caucus during that whole dust up on the obamatax debate and vote. You know, the one where dozens of racial slurs were supposed to have been shouted at members of the congressional black caucus by protesting members of the Tea Party while the cbc made their little march. You know, the one where 1/2 the members of the cbc had camera's of their own rolling with jessie jackson jr having 1 clutched in each of his grubby little fists and yet none of these camera's picked up the dozens of shouted slurs. Nor did any of the footage that the protesters posted pick up  any of these slurs and even with a 100,000 reward offered ....nothing.  It was that which removed what little doubt I had that it was all so much bullshit because no jackson passes up that kind of money nor the chance to do the race hustle and for them this was a 2 fer it had both money and race and that would have drawn them like bugs to a bug zapper. It was all good though lacking any evidence they did what they always do .... they lied, only this time they got called on it and had to crawfish. Anyway I hope jackson spends a year or two making potholders and doing connect the dot worksheets and I feel no pressing need to express any sort of sympathy, real or fake for that son of a bitch. Watch the vid at 3.33 that is jessie jackson jr not with 1 camera going but 2 of them

Congressional black caucus gets soundly booed at Health Care reform protest

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  1. Karma or payback - take your pick. Whatever it is he deserves it. Now if only his lying POS Father could get his just due...