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Friday, July 27, 2012

In Case You Missed It

It seems someone has been messing with the Iranians again or rather with their computer systems. The latest minor inconvenience appears to be that someone has downloaded a virus to some of their systems that causes the AC DC song Thunderstruck to begin playing late at night. I have to wonder just how confident the Iranians are going to be if they do indeed have or get the bomb and strap it onto a missile and light it off headed to some points West. The guidance systems on these missiles depend on computers and I know that if I were an Iranian government official I would be looking at every computer in my office and everywhere else with a highly jaundiced eye, waiting for it to blow up in my face.  Personally if I were the head of the Iranian government my summer home would not be anywhere near one of these nuclear facilities just in case I would be sitting rocking on my porch some warm Iranian night and the secret nuclear facility a few miles south goes up in a  puff of radio active sand with this song echoing across the land just seconds before it went POOF. With any luck this vid is also being played.

Iran ‘Thunderstruck’ by AC/DC computer virus

Finnish cyber-security expert says Iranian nuclear scientist emailed him to report heavy metal song blasted in the middle of the night at Natanz and Fordo

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