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Friday, July 6, 2012

A Few Headlines

Black Unemployment Increases From 13.6% to 14.4%

One-Third of June Jobs in Temp Agencies

Just 80,000 Jobs Added; Unemployment Stays at 8.2%

The Real War On Women: New Job Numbers Disastrous For Women

Romney Campaign Raises $100M in June

California senate passes “anti-Arizona” immigration bill

Axelrod: Romney is the “most secretive candidate” since Richard Nixon

Jobs report: More people went on disability than got jobs in June

Jobs report: 80K jobs added, 8.2% jobless rate; Update: Worst quarter in 2 years

Chicago Celebrates 4th of July With Racist Flash Mob Attack – 11 Arrested

CNN's Soledad O'Brien: Don't Blame Obama For Job Numbers

Construction signs in Alaska hacked to read 'impeach Obama'

Officials have already drafted 13,000 pages of rules & regs for health care law

Urban Flash Mob Disrupts Philadelphia 4th of July Celebrations

Added just occured to me that at 80,000 jobs a month it will only take 10 months to employ those 800,000 ILLEGAL ALIENS  obama has decided to allow to stay

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