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Monday, July 30, 2012

Schools Increase Testing Security In Pennsylvania ....Test Scores Plunge

Well as long been suspected the union dominated school systems in Pennsylvania and other states have been cheating to pad test scores to make it seem as though the state of education in the U.S. has improved. It seems that has been a false hope as new charges of cheating have surfaced upon the release of the results of state wide P.S.S.A. Testing. After imposing strict anti cheating measures across the state test scores have dropped as much as 25 % in some locations. Most of the cheating has been confined to the democrat stronghold of Philadelphia although some has been found in other locations around the state. Question if these union members will cheat to rig test scores will they cheat to rig elections in Philadelphia.

PSSA-cheating reforms yield lower scores across Pa.

July 29, 2012|By Kristen A. Graham and Dylan Purcell, Inquirer Staff Writers

After authorities imposed unprecedented security measures on the 2012 statewide exams, test scores tumbled across Pennsylvania, The Inquirer has learned.
At some schools, Pennsylvania Secretary of Education Ronald Tomalis said, the drops are "noticeable" - 25 percent or more.
In some school systems, investigators have found evidence of outright doctoring of previous years' tests - and systemic fraud that took place across multiple grades and subjects.
In Philadelphia and elsewhere, some educators have already confessed to cheating, and investigators have found violations ranging from "overcoaching" to pausing a test to reteach material covered in the exam, according to people familiar with the investigations.

A "significant" number of administrators at 53 city public schools under investigation - some after admitting to cheating - have agreed to cooperate with investigators, sources said. The sources declined to name them.
In other parts of the state, including schools in Columbia and Beaver Counties, principals have already been disciplined for cheating on exams.
Statewide results of the exams, the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment, have not yet been made public. Their typical release date of late summer will probably be pushed back because of the scope of the investigation.
"I expect that it will have an impact on statewide scores," Tomalis said of the cheating investigations. Philadelphia student scores dropped in every grade, with double-digit drops in grades 3, 4, and 5, sources said. And the number of schools that made "Adequate Yearly Progress" under the federal No Child Left Behind law plummeted, the sources said, though AYP standards also got tougher this year.


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