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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Democrats And War

 I thought since I described the most serious efforts at Republican war mongering in a piece right below this one it would be only fair to highlight democrats efforts along these lines and its an impressive list indeed.

 The Civil war began when democrats in the South angry at the election of the very first Republican President Abe Linclon first fled the union ( the very first democrat fleebaggers ?) and concerned he would deprive them of their right to own black men, women and children first fled the Union then began the Civil war when they fired on a Union fort

WW I president
WW II .... democrat president
Korea ... democrat president
Vietnam ....began with truman with first military aid and advisor's sent to assist the French

It was FDR a liberal democrat who gave us the first concentration camps based on race with special order 9066

It was a democrat president who was the first ( and only ) to use nuclear weapons, twice,  against human beings and largely civilian populations at that

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