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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Trayvon Martin And Drug Cocktail ?

 I don't know what to make of this but it does make you wonder.... follow the links and see what you think.

Update #26 Part 2 – Trayvon Martin Shooting – A year of drug use culminates in predictable violence…

Go ahead and review the whole thing, because while it most certainly is “controversial” it is also a good substantive fact-based background in Trayvon’s own words.   But, again it is only background,  and more information is needed for the rest of this discussion.  We will highlight some sections of it, from Trayvon Martin’s own words, throughout this explanation because it speaks to a “directional sense” in the lifestyle of an evolving teenager.
As I use these Facebook discussions from Trayvon I’m going to correct the ebonics unless it seems necessary to reference directly to the source.  Otherwise  I’ll do my best to interpret it into something people unfamiliar with nuance within a “cultural language” can understand.
Let’s begin about mid-way down the page on the left-hand side, where Martin says:
unow a connect for codine” or
“do you know of a connection for codeine”?

Trayvon is seeking a source for the prescription drug Codeine. Eventually we learn that he’s not seeking the pill form, but rather a “liquid” form, which he says he’s “had…before.”
His friend responds that he doesn’t NEED codeine – that he can just mix Robitussin and soda to make…
“…some fire @$$ lean.”

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