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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Republicans And War.

 The war on women ? If one listens to the democrats it seems that I as a member of the Republican party am at war with women. They tell me I am also at war with all minorities, gays, union members, democrats in general, the OWS movement, nature, science, decency, the right to vote, the elderly, puppies, children, the disabled and on rare occasions even other Republicans.

 We Republicans, according to democrats have been engaged in these wars since we climbed out of the primordial homestead and slithered across the land. My personal thoughts on the matter are that we must be pretty damned inept at what the democrats tell us is our favorite sport .... namely war.I arrived at that conclusion because I see hordes of all of the above named targets of Republican war mongering every day. In fact in my neck of the woods you can't swing a dead cat   ( thank you Mr. Twain ) without hitting at least one of them and in certain circumstances with one swing of same dead cat you can whack several of them at once. Speaking just for myself you would think that in such a target rich enviroment we would be having a tad more success than we seem to be having.

 Now I can't speak for all Republicans but I can tell you considering how long we have been at this endeavor I am growing more than a little discouraged by our apparent lack of success. You would think, considering how long we have been at this some of the above named species would be growing a mite thin on the ground but that just ain't the case it seems. In fact it strikes me that one sure and certain way to insure the longevity of your species is to have Republicans declare war on it. Taking all things into consideration it might be best if we Republicans found another hobby to wile away our time cause unlike democrats we sure as hell seem to suck at this war thingy.

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