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Friday, May 4, 2012

Live By Minority Status ....Die By Minority Status

There is just so much wrong with this narrative and on so many levels its difficult to fully grasp the hypocrisy and outright double dealing being displayed. They stack the deck then use that stacked deck to advance themselves at the expense of others. She cheated .... plain and simple .... she abused the liberal spoils system they have set up and jumped the line to get ahead of all white candidates and in an Orwellian turn of fate, denied that position to someone who may have actually been minority. She understood that being a white women and although qualified for the position Warren knew as Harvard was seeking minority candidates to meet their minority quota system she had little or no chance of being considered. They created the minority spoils system then when it works against them they cheat the rigged game they created ....priceless. Rest assured they will continue to tout as gospel that discriminating in order to end discrimination is somehow just and I suppose in their self righteous view of the world where all that matters is noble intent and not outcome then its all good. .

Elizabeth Warren brings no peace to Dems

By Joe Battenfeld
Elizabeth Warren’s stumbling efforts to douse the firestorm surrounding her claims of being a Native American minority have raised concerns among local and national Democrats who are questioning her campaign’s competence.
“There’s nobody watching this that doesn’t think she’s in big trouble,” one well-known Massachusetts Democrat said.
Joe Trippi, a prominent national Democratic consultant, told the Herald that while Warren has time to recover, the campaign should have anticipated this issue would surface.

H/T Hot Air

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