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Monday, May 14, 2012

Obama Taking On Water With Minorities Over Gay Issue

 Rumor has it obama caved on the gay marriage issue in order to obtain access to funding from the gay community which could be worth millions. In doing so he may find it to be a Pyrrhic victory in that he wins the battle but loses the war. Democrats on the national level absolutely depend on a coalition of minorities, women and union money to win, if they lose any one of these 3 they lose. Obama won in a huge electoral collage landslide but his % of victory was just 7 % and just 3 % above 50 % of the total vote. If just 4 % of the vote had flipped obama would have lost.

 If as the story at the link suggests obama loses just a few % of the minority vote and with recent polling showing Romney with a 2 % lead with women  obama's campaign may have shot itself it the foot. I suspect obama is going to lose votes within both the AA and Hispanic communities with his stance on gay issues  and his margin of victory in 08 was such that he can ill afford to lose that support in those communities.

Across country, African-American pastors weigh in on Obama's same-sex marriage support

African-American voters react to President Obama's shift on shift on same sex marriage

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