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Friday, May 18, 2012

Is Obama About To Lose The Arkansas Democrat Primary

 I had a moment of pure pleasure last week when it came out obama nearly lost the West Virginia democrat primary to a convict in a federal prison in Texas. It was one of those moments like when you find a  $ 10.00 bill in the dryer. A simple pure moment of COOL. Well another one of those moments may be shaping up in Arkansas. It seems that a little known challenger is within 7 points of taking the state from obama. His name is John Wolfe and he has spent next to nothing on his campaign but discontent with obama and his policies may make him the winner on Tuesday.

1.) Obama may lose the Democratic primaryIn Arkansas that is. After narrowly besting a federal inmate in the West Virginia Democratic primary, President Obama is just up 7 points on a no-name candidate in the Arkansas Democratic primary, reports TheDC’s Alex Pappas:
“You haven’t heard of John Wolfe because the obscure Democratic candidate for president has raised less than $500, can’t afford radio or TV ads and hasn’t gotten much press. Yet miraculously, a poll released this week shows Wolfe trailing President Barack Obama in the Arkansas Democratic primary — occurring next week — by just seven points

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