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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Game Over In Wisconsin .... Walker Likely To Keep Seat.

Looking at those numbers I don't see how the democrats can or will win in the June special election. The total number of votes cast for all the democrat candidates total less than the number of votes cast for Walker. It was the democrats who were supposed to have momentum and passion on their side in this election and yet they are falling 40,000 votes short of  Walker's total. Walker was running to keep the Republican nomination in a yawner against a largely unknown candidate with more than a few quirks yet still manged to draw more votes than the total number of democrat votes cast. Final tally was democrats 650, 725  Republican 613,597.

Update: How’s this for a beautiful result? Count the vote totals — and remember that the Democratic primary was the one being hotly contested while its GOP counterpart was a walkover:

H/T Hot Ait

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