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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Julia Bites Obama On The Ass.

The obama campaign in what I'm sure they thought was a stroke of marking genius when introducing the nation to a composite character named Julia to highlight the supposed different life paths the same woman would take under obama and Romney Presidencies has had it come back and literally bite them on the ass. The blogosphere lit up with ridicule over the government dependency displayed by this composite character of obama's. I suspect the author of this little fiasco is being talked off the ledge as we speak and will soon be huddled with his therapist, soon to be prescribed massive amounts of anti anxiety drugs. I have included a link to one of the better parodies of Julia that is out there ....enjoy.

UPDATE...  a question, obama's slogan for this campaign is FORWARD this Forward this what he means. That the government will be providing and the individual will be depending on the state to provide every this obama's vision for our future ?

The Life Of Julie


Here is another one via Iowahawk

H/T Legal Insurrection and a special thanks to suitablyflip

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