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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Is Obama Hearing Footsteps In The Night

If he isn't yet hearing footsteps he should be soon. Last nights primary elections and ballot measures in West Virginia, North Carolina, and Wisconsin should be adding to obama's gray hairs and causing more than a few sleepless night in the obama campaign.

In West Virginia a federal convict received 42 % of the democrat vote running against obama. Granted WV is not in the obama column but if WV is any indicator of national democrat sentiment then obama has serious problems and it also tends to highlight that the narrative the media is spinning that obama is a lock to win come November may be more wishful thinking on their part than reality...Oh and it makes me laugh.

In Wisconsin the democrats/liberals/progressives have been in a snit since Republican Scott Walker won the governorship causing all sort of liberal antics from liberal law makers running away from home, to massive union protests and a historic fight over a state Supreme Court election. There have been multiple recall elections most of which the liberals have lost outright or at best fought to a draw in their effort to take the majority in the WI senate. Last night Scott Walker received more votes than the top 2 democrat candidates combined and this in an election where Walker was largely unopposed on the Republican side giving little incentive for Republicans to turn out. And in an added bit of rich irony the union backed candidate lost badly despite the unions dumping millions into her campaign.

Last but not least but in an odd way perhaps most telling is the North Carolina ballot issue on gay marriage.  It lost and lost badly and what makes it so interesting is that obama only received 80 % support of the democrats who voted. 20 % of democrats who voted made a conscious effort to NOT vote for obama  and voted or selected no preference by default. On the gay marriage issue N.C. makes 31 states who have passed ballot measures against gay marriage. Obama won N.C. in 08 , not by much but by enough and most understand that obama supports gay marriage but does not come out publicly in support perhaps fearing a backlash hence his position is evolving. I'm thinking maybe its time to de evolve a little.

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