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Monday, April 16, 2012

Another Obama Official Takes The 5'th

 In Congressional hearings today GSA regional director jeff nealy made use of his constitutional right against self incrimination. The hearings are in response to the GSA administration's 1,000,000 $ junket to Las Vegas. Mr.nealy was regional director during the time in question and approved many of the expenses incurred during that conference. Mr.nealy is not the first obama official to take the 5'th while testifying in front of Congress. A high ranking official of the Dept of Justice also took the 5'th while giving testimony in front of Congress concerning operation Fast and Furious, a operation that allowed guns to be trafficked across the Mexican border. Many of these guns have been found at crime scenes  within Mexico and have been linked to the deaths of as many as 200 Mexican citizens and law enforcement officials in Mexico and have been involved in the deaths of 2 American law enforcement officials as well . 

WATCH: GSA Official Pleads the 5th...

4/16/2012 | FOXNATION.COM
U.S. General Services Administration regional commissioner Jeffrey Neely repeatedly invoked the 5th amendment at a House hearing this afternoon, which was called to get to the bottom on the GSA’s scandalously expensive Vegas conference….billing taxpayers almost $1M for commemorative coins, mind-readers and luxury hotel suites

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