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Monday, April 23, 2012

What Is The 99 % Up To These Days

 Well aside from the usual mayhem here in the U.S. it would seem that the occupy movement has taken its show on the road and found themselves in Tehran, which last time I checked was in Iran. Which last I heard was all in a lather to build the big bomb so they can finish what herr hitler started 70 plus years ago.

Obama came out in support of these idiots as did a large part of the American left. Which then leads to the question as to how anyone with 2 functioning brain cells could support anything they did as their judgement is obviously lacking and they probably should not be allowed to leave the house unattended lest they harm themselves or others. Watch the vids at the link I posted they are enlightening to say the least.

Occupy goes to Tehran: US academics join Islamists at OWS Conference in Iran

The ultimate convergence of America-bashers and capitalism-haters: The Iranian regime, apparently curious about this thing called “Occupy Wall Street” and the odds that it might succeed in toppling the capitalist system, invited several American — or should I say anti-American — professors and “experts” to discuss this glorious new political movement and what it means for Iran.

Three videos tell the story. Here’s the first:

H/T PJ Media

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