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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Convicted Felon George Soros, MoveOn And Matt Cartwright

 Well we know or at least the Huntington Post knows who financed Matt Cartwright's recent Congressional campaign. It seems that the far left a George Soros backed and supported New Media web based propaganda group supported Cartwright with thousands of dollars in the Scranton media market. Soros a convicted felon and rumored Nazi collaborator in WWII is a Hungarian Jew who reportedly posed as a Christian to avoid being sent to the death camps while helping the man who sheltered him from the Nazi's take the property of Jewish people on their way to the camps. I knew a bit about the good Mr.Soros but while writing this I did a bit more research. Its an interesting read and if as they say you can tell a lot about a person by whom his friends are then a good many people including our President have some explaining to do because I can honestly say this is not a man most would have to dinner. In any case it seems that a good bit of Cartwright's money came from outside money men such as trial lawyers, MoveOn and ecological groups who supported Cartwright because they didn't think Holden was sufficiently on board with their global warming or climate change agenda. I wonder if they will get their moneys worth

Pennsylvania Primary: Blue Dog Democrats Lose Seats

Getting a progressive Democrat into Pennsylvania's newly redrawn 17th Congressional District was a priority for progressive groups, including MoveOn and the League of Conservation Voters. The latter ran the largest independent expenditure campaign in the race, which included a $230,000 TV ad buy on broadcast and cable networks in the Scranton media market. The spot criticized Holden for opposing Obama's clean energy plan.

The League of Conservation Voters "targeted Representative Tim Holden for defeat explicitly because he has opposed policies that will curb harmful global warming pollution and build a clean energy economy," said Gene Karpinski, the group president. "Tim Holden is the first candidate this cycle to lose because he is out of the mainstream on global warming and clean energy, but he won't be the last.”
As National Journal pointed out, Cartwright was able to level the playing field in terms of money, "loaning $380,000 to his campaign and banking dozens of high-dollar donations from fellow trial lawyers and family members." Besides the League of Conservation Voters, the Campaign for Primary Accountability threw in more than $350,000 to oust Holden. The incumbent, meanwhile, received just $95,000 in outside help


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