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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Obama And Oil ....Pull My Finger ....No Really ....Pull My Finger

Its pretty much accepted among the sane that obama has a pathological hatred of all things oil. If it doesn't come out of the backside of a unicorn or he can't piss away billions on it like solar energy he wants no part of it. He and his administration will even lie in order to further their green energy agenda. The obama administration was hit with a contempt of court citation due to their efforts to stop drilling in the Gulf. The judge who issued the citation as much called the administration liars.

Subpoenaed: GOP wants to know why Obama administration misled Americans on drilling ban

President Obama’s offshore drilling moratorium following the 2010 oil spill caused widespread job losses and a significant drop in energy production in the Gulf of Mexico. Two years later, a U.S. House committee wants to know why the administration misled the public about the drilling ban.

The House Natural Resources Committee yesterday issued its first subpoena to the Department of the Interior after Secretary Ken Salazar refused to turn over documents related to the moratorium. At issue is why Salazar’s department suggested a panel of engineering experts supported the drilling ban when in fact they did not.

H/T Hot Air

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