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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Obama White House Pays Women Staffers 18 % Less Than Male Staffers

I guess in the obama boys club woman just aren't worth as much as men.

War on Women? President "Fairness" Pays Women Less than Men

n recent days, if he hasn't been pitching "fairness" and adoption of higher taxes with his so-called Buffet Rule, President Obama has been pandering to women voters.  On April 6, he paraded a group of ladies in front of cameras at a blatant campaign event – funded by taxpayers and hosted at the White House - thinly disguised as an economic forum.   The White House said the purpose was to "highlight ways the administration has helped create ECONOMIC SECURITY for women."  (emphasis added)

But, so far as we know, the President failed to explain to the visiting ladies why women on his own staff earn 18 percent less than men.

H/T Townhall

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