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Monday, April 16, 2012

How Much For The Lincoln Bedroom Mr.President

 Well it seems that for the right price you to can have an audience with the president and you can bring all your lobbyist buddies with you. The list of john's who have visited the White House apparently is a long one but this whore house doesn't come cheap folks. The buy in starts at 30,000 but that does not guarantee you a happy ending as it seems only 20 % of those pikers were able to gain access but if you gave 100,000 or more you had a 75 % chance of leaving the house with a smile and I'm sure you could bum a smoke off obama to enjoy during that post coital glow.

Kennedy: Sure, the Obama WH has a quid pro quo system for donors

The New York Times runs an expos√© of sorts on the Obama White House and its empty promises of changing “business as usual” in Washington DC that is remarkable in a number of respects. As Daniel Halper of The Weekly Standard writes, though, the most remarkable might be the remarkable honesty of former Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-RI), who offers us a Madge-Palmolive moment by not only admitting that the administration has a quid pro quo system, but also that he’s soaking in it:

H/T Hot Air

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