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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Its The Truth But Its Still A Lie, According To The Washington Post.

 It has long been accepted even by most liberals on the rare occasions they chose to be honest that the press has a liberal basis. Since the rise of obama they have taken that slant to heights that pass the absurd and border on outright lies. The story below highlights the extent the media will go in an effort to shield and run interference for obama. All I can say is that someone's kneepads got really soiled on this one and probably need to be laundered. Ya know on further thought ...probably not, its a badge of honor in certain circles. Anyway this story is a two fer, one it hightlights how well women have really fared under obama and a new high in lows for our liberal media.

Obama’s war on women: True but false!

It took Rathergate for the NYT to coin the phrase “Fake But Accurate,” but WaPo “fact-checker” Glenn Kessler nearly matches it with his rarest of ratings today:

“For far too long women have been left behind in Obama’s job market. Of the 740,000 jobs lost since Obama took office, 683,000 of them were held by women. That is truly unsustainable.”
— Statement by Sharon Day, co-chair of the Republican National Committee, April 6, 2012
In an effort to fight back against Democratic claims of a Republican “war on women,” the Republican National Committee has rolled out a new and startling fact—that under Obama, women have lost seven times as many jobs as men.
We found this statistic surprising because we had been under the impression that men had fared worse than women in the recession. So do the RNC’s numbers add up?
It turns out they do, but Kessler throws a penalty flag anyway:

We cannot fault the RNC’s math, as the numbers add up. But at this point this figure doesn’t mean very much. It may simply a function of a coincidence of timing — a brief blip that could have little to do with “Obama’s job market.”
If trends hold up over the next few months, then the RNC might have a better case. But at this point we will give this statistic our rarely used label:
H/t Hot Air

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