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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Who Really Killed Trayvon Martin

Liberals act as thought this incident happened in a vacuum and there was no rational reason for Zimmerman's suspicions concerning Trayvon Martin . I'll leave Zimmermans guilt or innocence for the DA and courts to decide but to tell me and the world that he had no reason to be wary of a 6 foot plus hooded black man that he had never seen in his gated neighborhood before that night is insane and this is the absolute truth. Whatever happened that night if it was murder or a confrontation gone bad the dynamics that drove it were created largely by the AA community themselves, by decades of bad behavior ...poor choices and the refusal of the same so called black leaders who lead the crowd calling for Zimmermnans head to address the real issues that lead many ( including themselves ) to view black males as a threat. You want to know what really killed that kid ,this will give you an idea ...Zimmerman may have pulled the trigger but he didn't kill Martin. Of course you won't hear this from the MSM ....they built the vacuum.

H/T Human Events


  1. Did you see Zimmerman in the station footage? Shaved head, wearing a red leather jacket? If I see a skinhead in gang colors stalking me, I'm going to feel threatened.

    If Zimmerman were the one hauled off with a sheet over him, you could bet Trayvon Martin wouldn't have been sent home a few hours later with the murder weapon as a souvenir of the night.

  2. I would ask how you arrived at that conclusion, but I know there's no rational response.

    1. well do hispanics with shaved heads wearing gang colors scare you