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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Obama's Illegal Alien Uncle Gets Drivers License Back

O.K., first I have to ask does this really surprise anyone ? Next I have to wonder how it is that an ILLEGAL ALIEN has a drivers license that authorities are aware of and he not only manages to keep it but has it restored early after a DWI conviction to return to a job he is not supposed to to holding. Then there is obama's ILLEGAL ALIEN Auntie living in Boston public housing on our dime, receiving disability, food stamps and free medical while never having paid a single dime into the coffers of the Unitid States. And remember that obama is a millionaire several times over yet he allows the tax payers to support his family.  For some odd reason this really pisses me off !

Good news: Obama’s illegal immigrant uncle is getting his driver’s license back

 by John Hawkins
       How much sense does it make to allow someone who was busted for drunken driving to get his driver’s license back early to make sure it won’t impact his job at a liquor store? Not much, but getting beyond that, what if that same person turns out to be an illegal alien who has been dodging a deportation order since 1992? Do you think he just MIGHT be getting special treatment? What if you find out the person in question is Barack Obama’s uncle?

H/T Hot Air

I thought ya'll might like this, its an interview with obama's ILLEGAL ALIEN  Auntie

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