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Friday, April 27, 2012

Here We Go Again....More Obama Gun Running

 You have to give credit where credit is due when the democrats start a meme they never ever give up on it....ever. To explain, back in 2009 a report was issued by the GAO that liberal politicians used to make the claim that 90 % of weapons sized in Mexico were from U.S. Sources. That was not quite true, in fact it was an outright lie as this demonstrates.

According to the GAO report, some 30,000 firearms were seized from criminals by Mexican authorities in 2008. Of these 30,000 firearms, information pertaining to 7,200 of them (24 percent) was submitted to the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) for tracing. Of these 7,200 guns, only about 4,000 could be traced by the ATF, and of these 4,000, some 3,480 (87 percent) were shown to have come from the United States.

This means that the 87 percent figure relates to the number of weapons submitted by the Mexican government to the ATF that could be successfully traced and not from the total number of weapons seized by Mexican authorities or even from the total number of weapons submitted to the ATF for tracing. In fact, the 3,480 guns positively traced to the United States equals less than 12 percent of the total arms seized in Mexico in 2008 and less than 48 percent of all those submitted by the Mexican government to the ATF for tracing. This means that almost 90 percent of the guns seized in Mexico in 2008 were not traced back to the United States.

Well they are back at it with a new claim and once again they seem to have neglected to mention the whole and complete truth.

ATF: 70 percent of guns found in Mexico come from US

By Jordy Yager - 04/26/12 05:22 PM ET

Nearly 70 percent of all guns found in Mexico came from the U.S. over the past four years, according to data released by the federal government on Thursday.

Here is what they don't tell you. It is likely that the majority of these weapons which are finding there way into the drugs cartel's hands are being supplied by the State Dept to the Mexican military and police who take them with them when they defect and start working for the cartels.

The problem of weapons legally sold to Mexico - then diverted to violent cartels - is becoming more urgent. That's because the U.S. has quietly authorized a massive escalation in the number of guns sold to Mexico through "direct commercial sales." It's a way foreign countries can acquire firearms faster and with less disclosure than going through the Pentagon.

Here's how it works: A foreign government fills out an application to buy weapons from private gun manufacturers in the U.S. Then the State Department decides whether to approve.

And it did approve 2,476 guns to be sold to Mexico in 2006. In 2009, that number was up nearly 10 times, to 18,709. The State Department has since stopped disclosing numbers of guns it approves, and wouldn't give CBS News figures for 2010 or 2011.

 In any case I guess the absolute truth is that we are indeed the main supplier of weapons to the cartels but it seems increasingly likely that much like operation Fast and Furious it is the government supplying or allowing these weapons to cross the border and not gun dealers in the border states but it is the gun dealers the government want to more tightly regulate.

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